For District Functions

Approved February 18, 2020

  1. All applicants must be either an endorsed Ministry of the UPCI, an affiliated church in the Mississippi District UPCI, a church pastored by a UPCI licensed minister in good standing, or a licensed evangelist, in good standing, with the MS District UPCI.
  2. An application provided by the District office must be filled out and signed by Pastor, Director of said Ministry or Evangelist, 15 days prior to an event. The application will include: Ministry, and or church name, address, telephone number, person responsible for booth or display, and items to be displayed or sold.
  3. No Items will be allowed which contradict the general constitution of the UPCI manual.
  4. Before the event an application fee of $250.00 must be submitted along with application.
  5. After approval for a space at said event, applicant will be notified of assigned space.
  6. Anyone setting up a booth or display without following above guidelines, will be asked to remove items or display and apply at a future time.
  7. Department Heads and PPH Book Store shall have priority locations if requested prior to deadline.
  8. Departments having booths or displays will not pay fees.
  9. Any District event where registration is required, all workers must be registered for the conference.
  10. When conference or event is over, please remove all trash from your area.
  11. You are (not) required to pay 10% of sales to the District.

Contact: Jessie Givens MS District Campground Director for more information at 601-757-0783